How it Works

Interested in how it works when you book?

You make contact and set your date and time.

We get into action planning your painting. You select from our library or give us a subject or sample photo (can be a place, object, style, whatever) and we create your custom painting for the date of your party. Once you approve, we are all set.

On the date of the party we arrive at a time determined by you for set up. We bring everything you need, tables, drop cloths, easels, paint, brushes, aprons, small PA for music and instructor, canvas, about the only things we do not supply are the chairs. You bring the people, and any food or libations you wish to offer (it can be BYOB to your friends).

During the party we instruct step by step, refill washout cups, refill paint, help where requested, dance, party and have a great time! You can even set the play list if you like. We highly recommend having a dance activity during the breaks, we will be happy to get it started (cupid shuffle, etc.) . We encourage lots of photos, live video, and checking into our event.

We can handle groups from 5 up to 40! For groups over 14 we have assistants to help with set up, refills, and clean up. We also have second artists to help lead those who cannot sit close enough up front to have a good view.

After the party we clean up, dump the washout water into our bucket (and take with us), grab the trash bags, and make sure the space is how we found it.

Any other questions, contact us!