1. What kind of paint do you use? – we use a liquid acrylic. This allows us to dry more quickly than other media and is easier to use than other media.
  2. Is the paint permanent? Рyes, but if you get some where you do not want it you can clean it off as long as it has not dried, with water.  Though we do provide aprons, some paint can still find its way to clothing or other surfaces. Its best to not wear your expensive or favorite clothing.
  3. How much does it cost? – we are very reasonable, starting at $30 per person for small groups (under 10), and $25 per person for groups 10 – 20, and $20 per person for 21 – 40.
  4. Do I need a reservation? – yes, we must know how many are going to be at the party so we can plan accordingly for assistants, supplies, and other required items to transport.
  5. How do I pay? – we can receive 50% deposit electronically on the day you book. We take cash and credit/debit cards. The remaining 50% is due on the party day.
  6. Do you supply food or beverages? – no, we only supply the items for painting. We do bring our own beverages so that we can party along with you!
  7. Is tipping allowed? – yes, never required or expected. It is however, appreciated if we have done such an outstanding job that you wish to do so. The best bonus for us is when you tell all your friends what a great time you had and call us for your next party!
  8. What size canvas do you use? – most general size is 16 x 20, however we can make it smaller. Smaller canvases provide a couple of advantages, first they are easier to paint in 2 hours, second they are easier to transport for your attendees after the party as well as being easier to find places to hang. We currently provide 16 x 20 and 12 x 16 though other sizes can be secured with enough lead time.
  9. How long does it take to paint? – we plan for 2 hours and try to keep our designs simple enough to complete within 2 hours. However, if you want something that will take 3 hours, we can do that though the fee is slightly more to cover the extended time of our assistants. Examples would include “Starry Night”, “Chrome Mania” or other well detailed paintings.
  10. Do you have events outside of private parties? – YES, we do. From time to time we have events that are open to the public at local bars or restaurants. Follow us on Facebook to keep informed when we do them. Generally admission is via eventbrite.com and is reserved on a limited basis for however many the venue can comfortably hold.
  11. How do my guest sign up? – if you are not paying on one ticket, we can set your party up through eventbrite.com which would allow all guest to prepay before the party date individually and make it a private event that only people invited can sign up, using facebook events as well to allow attendees to be directed to eventbrite to confirm their attendance with a prepaid ticket.
  12. How are refunds handled if I have to cancel? – 100% refunds on the amount paid are given for cancellations on events up to 72 hours in advance. If cancelled within 24 hours (the day before party) you can also get a refund of 75%. However any cancellations without 24 hours notice forfeit any and all funds collected prior to event.
  13. Do you paint for kid’s parties? – yes, though we are traditionally more adult we do have a couple of artist available for kids parties.
  14. Do you have more adult themed paintings? – yes, we can do whatever you like on a more adult level. However, the party must be private as well as the list of attendees, and the content of the painting acceptable by those that attend. During these paintings, we ask no social photos be circulated.
  15. Do I have to select from your available paintings? – No, you can find anything you like and we will create an interpretation version of it simplifying where needed.